SNY / Joey 11204

The Joey 11204. Sure you can find out some of what’s going on in NY sports from Joey, but be warned, he doesn’t know very much, he’s got a penchant for fake news, he’s pretty opinionated and he’s a New Yorker, through and through. That’s why Joey is not nearly as good a place to get your New York sports news as SNY.

Broadcast TV

"Phone a Friend"

"Injury Update"


SNY / House of Fans

Nine teams. Nine fans. One house. This integrated campaign highlighting SportsNite, SNY's nightly news show, features traditional TV, digital OOH, a web series and a Facebook contest.

Broadcast TV





"Boston Chick"


DIY House of Fans Web Series

"Pizza Dart Box"


"Keith Ornament"

SNY / Finger Puppets

Hands down, no one covers New York sports like SNY.  So we created digital content that got a resounding thumbs up (in terms of engagement) from some of the hardest sports fans to please.

Broadcast TV

"Home Run"


"Hockey Fight"


"Kiss Cam"

Behind the Scenes

HPE Flexible Capacity

Introduction of HPE’s long awaited hybrid infrastructure, the first solution that delivers the best of the cloud and on premise IT in one completely flexible service. Yeah, we didn’t know what that meant either.

Entirely digital campaign featured some pretty weird hybrids on animated banners that clicked through to a long format video.

Long Format Video

"Why Choose?"


Digital and Social


SNY / Infotainment

New York has more sports teams than any other city in the world which means more games, more gossip, more scores and more scandals. In this campaign, SNY takes on the World Wide Leader (ESPN) in a series of animated television spots that question the logic of getting your New York sports from anywhere but the network devoted entirely to it.


"More Sports"





Penn Station Domination

Google / Nexus
Google hired us to produce the creative for their phones and tablets featuring the android lollipop operating system. Since this was a highly anticipated launch, we decided to put a twist on the creative by positioning it as an operating system that comes with a phone.

Print and OOH

nyt spread unwraps shorter stick bigger phone.jpg
newspaper insitu sweet-1.jpg
newspaper insitu who love ya-1.jpg
bus shelter size l'yeah2.jpg
bus shelter size tasty.jpg
bus shelter size lickable2.jpg

Web /Digital

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 6.21.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.38.00 PM.png
android home page v4.jpg
eaten stick and white phone.jpg

Midtown Athletic Clubs / Fit People are More Fun

A unique brand platform in the crowded athletic club arena was born from the belief that fit people lead happier lives. By trading the usual photos of ripped abs and sexy models for colorful graphics depicting the inner joy that comes from being fit, we gave Midtown an ownable visual language that carries through to all channels.


Magazine Full Page and Poster


Direct Mail




SNY / Disgruntled Sports Memorabilia

An integrated campaign with TV commercials, print and outdoor pitting SNY against other sports networks offering inferior New York sports coverage. Our print and television campaign starred disgruntled New York sports merchandise - those bummed out bobble heads, frustrated figurines and suicidal souvenirs whose owners betray them by not watching SNY. 

We also created a proprietary fan experience through the SNY Facebook page. A custom app allowed participants to record their own dialogue over any of SNY’s four TV commercials, instantly embedding their voice in the spots











SNY Voice-Over Do-Over Facebook Contest

Midtown Athletic Clubs / Make Friends, Play Tennis.

Midtown Athletic Club has been the country’s leading tennis club since 1970. This campaign brings together some pretty unexpected partners to position tennis in a new way: as the world’s most social sport. 






Chicago Billboards

SNY / Testosterone

SNY, comfortably seeded as the TV home of the New York Mets and Jets, needed to expand their viewership by letting New York sports fans know that they deliver more coverage of all nine New York teams than any other network on TV. Based on an actual study connecting watching sports to surges in testosterone levels, our television campaign challenged New York sports fans to “up their dose of New York sports” by tuning into SNY at their own risk. “Muscles” was one of TBS’s top ten funniest commercials of the year.





SNY / NY NY Sports Sports

On a limited budget, we created a multi-channel campaign starring Mandeep and Sharvarish, the proprietors of a sports merchandise store where they play SNY all day and deal with New York’s overly passionate sports fans. TV commercials, a microsite, personal appearances at Mets games, fake storefronts, plus a Facebook fan page helped secure SNY’s place as the premiere network for all things NY sports and made Mandeep and Sharvarish cult icons. 




"Lessons Learned"


Mandeep and Sharvarish’s “store in the computer” is an intentionally low-tech microsite for the fictitious NY NY Sports Sports store. Visitors navigate through the proprietors’ personal laptop via a webcam on the front counter. It’s both a tribute to their ingenuity, and lack of it.

NY NY Sports Sports Facebook page. 
Here, Mandeep and Sharvarish interact with fans and update customers with new items on sale. 

Fage / Ridiculously Thick Yogurt

Fage, the largest dairy company in Greece, came to us with a little known yogurt with a name that nobody could pronounce. Our creative platform centered around the product’s point of difference: a texture so thick it bordered on ridiculous. With a budget that limited us to print, we needed to make a lasting impression, which we did quite literally.


We partnered with Warner Brothers for an outdoor spectacular during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. An aviary mishap occurred when a fifty foot Tweety Bird float appeared to have careened off course and ran, headfirst, into a Fage billboard.
No one was hurt.


NY Mets

In this campaign, the New York Mets' mascot shows his resourcefulness in the art of killing time while waiting for his ball club to return home from the road.





Broken windshield decals and apology letters from Mets players where placed on cars around Manhattan and Queens.

Capri Sun / Respect the pouch

Capri Sun had lost its cool, and wanted it back. For over three years, we created award-winning work across all channels that tapped into a kid’s desire to take what they’re told and do the exact opposite. After numerous TV campaigns and a ten episode cartoon series, Capri Sun became Kraft’s #1 selling brand (even besting Oreos) and our “Respect The Pouch” tagline became more recognizable to kids than “Just Do It."

"Bobblehead Fred"


"Chewie Stewie"


"Boing Boing Betty"


"Leaky Louie"





Disrespectoids Collectoids

Animated Series & Online Game

Capri Sun Roaring Waters / “Chia High


Capri Sun Roaring Waters / “Fishboy”


National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy / Sex has Consequences

A print campaign designed to promote the NCTPTP’s ”Sex has consequences” website. / Ambient

Stickers strategically placed where parents seat their young children, (grocery carts, coin-operated rides, changing tables, see-saws, swings) powerfully reinforce the best reason to get involved with the fight against global warming.

American Express / Brand Film

Logo for Park Avenue Laser Treatment, a medical center specializing in a variety
of laser skin treatments, including the latest in laser tattoo removal technology.

Business cards with a scratch-off tattoo printed on the back, under which was a coupon for ten percent off a laser tattoo removal treatment.

Logo for Midtown Athletic Club’s High Performance Tennis for kids.

Logo for an innovative brand of wedding rings where one diamond is added to either
the inside or outside of the ring at each wedding anniversary.


The logo is designed to be a trick of the eye so that, depending on how you look at it,
the graphic diamonds appear to be on the inside or the outside.