SNY / NY NY Sports Sports

On a limited budget, we created a multi-channel campaign starring Mandeep and Sharvarish, the proprietors of a sports merchandise store where they play SNY all day and deal with New York’s overly passionate sports fans. TV commercials, a microsite, personal appearances at Mets games, fake storefronts, plus a Facebook fan page helped secure SNY’s place as the premiere network for all things NY sports and made Mandeep and Sharvarish cult icons. 




"Lessons Learned"


Mandeep and Sharvarish’s “store in the computer” is an intentionally low-tech microsite for the fictitious NY NY Sports Sports store. Visitors navigate through the proprietors’ personal laptop via a webcam on the front counter. It’s both a tribute to their ingenuity, and lack of it.

NY NY Sports Sports Facebook page. 
Here, Mandeep and Sharvarish interact with fans and update customers with new items on sale.